Ways to activate profit on Facebook 2023

 Ways to activate profit on Facebook 2023

Activating profit methods from Facebook for the year 2023 . Since the advent of the Facebook platform, that is, since 2004, users have been looking for ways to monetize the Facebook platform. But the concept of Facebook monetization has been tacit for years.

The idea of ​​benefiting from Facebook primarily stems from the marketing capabilities and opportunities available through it.

This was the concept until the advent of Audience Network in 2014, and everything has changed since then.

In short, Audience Network: is a subsidiary of Facebook, just like Google AdSense is a subsidiary of Google.

Ways to activate profit on Facebook 2023

Nowadays, there are many ways to earn money directly (earn money directly through facebook). Along with many other indirect methods out there because it relies on Facebook's marketing power (i.e. as a source of visitor acquisition).

In this article and on the Earnings Network website , we will show you the ways to activate earnings from Facebook.  

The most important way to activate profit from Facebook 2023

  1. Direct  ways  to profit from Facebook
  2. Indirect ways to profit from Facebook

Facebook is the third largest internet site in the world and it is also considered as one of the great advertising platforms that no company can ignore.

Apart from earning opportunities for many people, this website also provides great marketing opportunities for every business owner.

Not only has Facebook reigned supreme in social media, but it is now expanding its offerings and capabilities.

Direct  ways  to profit from Facebook

  1. Earn from videos
  2. Earn money with apps
  3. Earn money on facebook by playing games
  4. Make money with instant articles
  5. Profit from marketed products

In this part, we are going to discuss a bunch of straightforward and modern ways in which you can monetize directly from Facebook. 

  • Earn from videos

People who create videos can sign up for Ad Breaks and earn money by placing ads on their videos.

Since Facebook makes money from these ads, the video owner gets a share of the revenue. This way, the owner of the video can monetize it.

It is believed that this is not so simple because Facebook imposes conditions so they have to apply to you as the owner of the page and you want to monetize it.

List of conditions that must be met to monetize Facebook videos:

  • First: The video was posted from a Facebook page, not from a personal account.
  • Second: The page must have more than 10,000 followers.
  • Third: The video must be monetized in the country and language in which it was published. Be aware that there are still some languages ​​and countries that do not have this feature yet.
  • Fourth: You must have achieved no less than 600,000 minutes of viewing within the past 60 days. on the other side ,
  • Fifth and last: You must meet the eligibility criteria to be profitable, by which I mean a set of conditions and criteria for the video content itself.
You can view these standards through the links here . 

  • Earn money with apps

Eight years ago, Facebook expanded subscriptions to its advertising arm, Audience Network, through which every smartphone app owner could monetize the app.

If you have the app for your Android or iOS smartphone, you can sign up for the Facebook Audience Network. Then put ads on this app so that you can earn money through ads.

  • Earn money on facebook by playing games

If you have the skills to design and program games and have a mastery of the HTML 5 programming language, you will be able to activate earnings from Facebook through Instant Games. Here you can start designing and developing a simple game, and then Facebook will place ads on it and start making money.

  • Make money with instant articles

Facebook allows website owners to make money from their instant articles.

Note: Monetize Facebook with videos, apps, and instant articles. All of this is done through Audience Network, a subsidiary of Facebook. On the one hand, creating and applying ad units, tracking your earnings reports, and ultimately getting your earnings.

  • Profit from marketed products

All Facebook users can list their products to sell to other users. This is made possible by the premium services offered by Facebook Marketplace. This service allows everyone to add their own products.

In addition, through the Facebook Marketplace, communication between product owners and buyers takes place via Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, everything is agreed upon, the sale takes place, and then a profit is made for the owner of the product.

The most important indirect ways to profit from Facebook

  1. Profit from Facebook by advertising your flyers and projects
  2. Profit from commission marketing through Facebook
  3. Earn from likes on Facebook
  4. Profit from marketing your business
  5. Profit from Facebook by promoting yourself as a freelance journalist
  6. Earn by moderating other people's pages

  • Profit from Facebook by advertising your flyers and projects

If you have a Facebook page with a large number of members and followers, you can make it an advertising tool for others by opening the door to accepting paid ads, in addition to that anyone who wants to create an advertisement can send you a message and agree on the details and prices of his advertisement on your page.

  • Profit from commission marketing through Facebook

In affiliate marketing, you use the marketing power of Facebook to benefit others and, in return, earn commission from the businesses or websites you market to.

There are deals, services, and products for every imaginable interest and description of your followers.

  • Earn from likes on Facebook

You can earn money by liking the Facebook app . This is done through advertising, providing some services, referral links, and joining buying and selling groups. To find out more information:

  • Profit from marketing your business

If you have a special project and want to increase the percentage of your sales and thus increase your profits, then there is no better marketing tool than Facebook marketing.

For example: create a special page for your restaurant that displays the menu of the food you offer, and the most important features of your restaurant, such as cleanliness, quality of materials used, quality of service, etc.

  • Profit from Facebook by promoting yourself as a freelance journalist

If you are a freelancer and want to get more clients and therefore more profits, then Facebook is the perfect way to market yourself as a freelancer.

  • Earn by moderating other people's pages

If you have the ability to create engaging posts, connect with others etc. This is a great option for you to earn money from Facebook . With your Page, you can use your marketing skills to attract many customers. 

At the end of the article,  we tried to provide ways to activate profit from Facebook 2023 on a large scale. I hope this article will inspire and benefit many people.  

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