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 How to find the right products to sell on Bigcommerce

The e-commerce business is growing fast and nothing can stop it. From 2015 to 2019, its global size grew from $1.5 trillion to $3.4 trillion. It is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. The main reasons for this massive growth are convenience, wide range of offers, customized products and expansion into cities.

How to find the right products to sell on Bigcommerce

Opening a retail store is really troublesome and requires a huge investment. But with a site like Bigcommerce, you can shop and be up and running in minutes. Competition is fierce as technology paves the way for this potential. Before deciding on a company name, logo, social media page, or anything else, you should first know what to sell.

For some, the immediate thought is that the many incredible possibilities can be overwhelming. If you're looking for ideas and inspiration, here are some things to help you:

Find the problem and fix it: You know what the one thing people accept because they have no choice. For example, single-use plastic waste is a big problem everywhere. A lot of packaging through e-commerce sites also creates a lot of waste. So what is the solution? Eco-friendly box. Custom shipping boxes are available if you want to forgo the extra layers of packaging and lots of branded merchandise. These boxes carry your brand in a fun and eco-friendly way. At Arka, we design these boxes and sell them on Bigcommerce.

Turn your passions, interests and hobbies into a career: 

Turn your passions, interests and hobbies into a career: is there anything you want to do? Do you want to use recycled products to create art, weave, make jewelry, or even discover unique antiques? You can use this passion to see if it sparks the interest of your peers. Talk to people to see if they are willing to pay for your skills and start selling on Bigcommerce. People always love a product with a personal touch and know where to get it.

Look for trends: The idea is to open up to a world of possibilities and find out what's trending and what's selling fast. From Reddit threads, Kickstarter products, Pinterest and Facebook Marketplace to bestsellers on Amazon and eBay, the ways to find trends are endless. You can also keep tabs on new product launches, which will give you a solid idea of ​​what's trending online.


Market Research: To ensure your business is durable and sustainable, it is important to create a stable product. For example, the demand for organic food is increasing. If you plan to sell organic and homemade food, there will always be demand in the future, depending on the quality. Never confuse the word trend with fashion. Fashion is ephemeral, but trends keep emerging.

Know Your Product Limits: Did you know there's such a thing as custom shipping? If your product is small, it is easy to ship and sell faster. But larger products require different evaluations. You should also consider whether your product is seasonal, like B. Christmas subscription boxes or something for all seasons. If you're shipping perishable items, you'll need special packaging instructions.


Use your professional background: If you already have professional experience and want to make a difference, this is your chance to go in that direction. Previous work experience can also allow you to integrate into this learning experience. It also provides you with contacts for marketing your products.

Sell ​​easily on  Bigcommerce 

Selling on Bigcommerce is easy once you have the right products to sell. From art to home and garden, from furniture to food, you can cover anything. You will have a trial period of 15 days to check if this platform is right for you. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Inbuilt blogs for marketing purposes
  • Analytics to track performance
  • Create a group of customers based on demographic data
  • Integration with online marketplaces such as jumia, alibaba, and Amazon

Safe setting

But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to support and buy similar small business owners. For example, if you need a custom shipping box for your product, you can search for Arka in the search box and find us. They also provide an easy-to-download application option for your business. This makes your product more influential among customers.

But the most important thing is not to be afraid of competition. Competitors will be a useful tool for providing data about what works and what doesn't. You can also have an existing product and present it in an innovative way at an affordable cost.

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