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The most important thing an EMS support team should have is the ability to understand the company's business and how it operates. Only in this way can he provide effective support for enterprise management programs of interest to all. All aspects of the company's business. In addition, the team must be able to effectively identify and solve problems.

Learn Human Skills Business Management Software - E-Commerce

It is no coincidence that the country with the largest economy and the highest per capita income is also the country with the highest level of education and the largest number of scientific and technical cadres and technical experts of all kinds.

Instead, one of the criteria for progress and development adopted by the United Nations measures the degree of expertise and efficiency of countries in the field of scientific research and technology application, meaning that this measure includes the number of studies, the number of Ph.D. engineers, and others. A number of specialists in the economic field, types of discrimination, levels of society and intellectuals were implemented.

It seems logical to apply the same principles to businesses and corporations. It is clear that the ability of any company to provide and control the various resources to achieve the desired goals depends first and foremost - before any other factor - on the ability of people to decide to implement and follow through.

With the wide application of information technology in enterprise management, especially the popularization of enterprise management software, enterprises and organizations need to pay more attention to acquiring the necessary professional knowledge to provide support for information systems especially because it is an important tool for enterprise management software and companies is the most important and most widely used software in terms of workflow.

Decision makers must be willing to invest in the training and development of their staff or to recruit and hire people with such experience and skills provided that management invests in qualifications or appointments with the same level of seriousness and willingness it would like and earnestly to do so. . Investment in equipment and facilities.

Unfortunately, the recent application of business management software in SMEs has resulted in the management of these companies lacking a proper understanding of the need to have such expertise and the nature of the qualifications required of administrators. Business administration software is fundamentally different from office services and applications (such as text editors and spreadsheets) in terms of ergonomics and support requirements that justify the different qualifications required to use it.

Tools to help you run your business

Using computers to help run a business requires that decision makers acquire certain skills and experience within their organization and company when management chooses to use IT business management. Policy makers must also be willing to invest in the training and qualifications of employees or to hire and hire people with such experience and skills provided that executives are conscientious and willing to invest in qualifications or appointments such as investing in equipment.

To illustrate the skills and experience required to maximize the use of computers and their accessories, we can divide the tasks and skills required for companies and organizations to use information technology into the following sections:

Office software tasks 

In addition to performing basic operating system tasks such as copying, deleting, moving files, creating and deleting folders, installing and removing programs, and running and terminating various programs and applications, desktop applications include word processing and spreadsheet programs. You can also browse the web to send and read email messages and download files and attachments.

Infrastructure tasks for devices and systems

These tasks include things related to the computer itself, such as devices and accessories, and connecting these devices to each other and to other networks. It also includes viruses and spyware such as antivirus software and operating system backup software. Downtime software and Internet traffic requirements including access control, connection security firewall, traffic shaping, etc.

Tasks related to business administration software

The work of the enterprise management program has gone through several stages and its work has agility and dynamism that office programs do not have. Actual work phase tasks include data entry information extraction and decision making - at every level - with software support.

How to provide the required skills and experience

  • In general, we can list the following ways to provide the necessary skills to use information technology:

Training and qualifications of existing employees

This is achieved by providing high-quality training programs within the company or in one of the training centers with the aim of providing the company's employees with the required skills. This approach is characterized by the limited investment required - ie the cost of training - and the downside is that not all employees are able to respond to training to the same degree and there is even a chance of failure. Process to achieve training objectives.

In other words, the time required to improve the efficiency of employees is relatively large. Typing classes for example typically require 32 hours of practice but trainees rarely reach 30 words per minute before six months of starting a Typest text editor.

Hiring employees with the required experience and skills

This is done by professionally identifying the required skills and selecting someone with a proven track record or experience with these skills. Recruitment also includes assigning some employees to a part-time system if the required workload permits. This method is characterized by a rapid increase in the efficiency of the company as the new employee can prove his productivity within a few weeks by joining the work team. One of the drawbacks of this method is the high cost of the previous method as skilled employees usually receive higher compensation wages. Compare their peers and they are at great risk due to wrong dates before running the company. Claiming that new employees do not have the skills to acquire these skills. The cost of this risk increases when recruiting by recruiting from other countries.

Contracting with a second party

Also known as outsourcing, this means contracting with a party (such as a professional company) who can provide and secure the required services for a specified fee or salary. This approach is characterized by providing the required skills and expertise in a rapid and sustainable manner, and service providers usually ensure their availability within an acceptable time frame at cost. Obviously the first two ways.

The best way to equip SMEs with these skills

Some organizations believe in relying on specific methods from the above options to secure the required skills while others use a combination of the three depending on the size of the burden and the scarcity of the required skills.

For small and medium businesses, the author of this article prefers the second view - a combination of the above methods - but only if there is a clear understanding of each of the above types of tasks:

For related office tasks

Any company or organization that takes its business seriously should consider these tasks as essential skills that must be possessed by any human element that requires dealing with computers even if it is occasional or not permanent. So outsourcing is not suitable for these tasks.

The skills usually required to pass an international test called the International Computer Driving License or ICDL can be shortened to the well-known international certificate available in test centers in all Arab countries. This certification ensures that the holder acquires the basic skills needed to work with well-known computers and applications.

It is also helpful to have one or more superusers in a company or organization whose expertise can help other computer users but may get in the way of their work. There is currently no certification that awards its holder the title of SuperUser but they usually start with the same skills that require passing the ICDL exam and then gain this title through experience (five years or more) with exposure to many systems and procedures in the work environment. under.

For tasks related to hardware and system infrastructure

Few small businesses own computers that are not connected to a local network, so these companies do not struggle with the complexity of network operations. In this case, on-demand device infrastructure services can be protected by third parties and contracts. A service agreement may be the most appropriate solution.

Most companies and medium-sized organizations have a local area network (LAN) that connects computers and servers together and sometimes provides a permanent Internet connection over a DSL line that sometimes includes a local area network for corporate branch offices via VPN or other means such as interconnection. If this is the case, the network and its penetration within the company indicates that the skills to operate and maintain the network must be provided securely. Unfortunately, many companies do not pay the attention they deserve, which is the efficiency of the company, especially business management software, as these programs serve the main activities of the company.

Decision makers must equip all components of their network with the following skills:

  1. Operations and maintenance include installation updates and repair of hardware and software operating systems.
  2. Security protection against viruses includes virus protection from accessing and using security systems.
  3. Backup program.
  4. If a company adopts a business management program, they also want to possess database management and maintenance skills.

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If the network is large or if the company has many branches and its local network is interconnected, the authors of this article recommend hiring to provide these skills. If the decision maker believes that the amount of work required is not always available to full-time employees. Full of. The same skills may also be provided by contracting with another party as long as all required services are provided and the ability of that party to perform its duties is carefully guaranteed.

for business management programs 

Business management procedures are characterized by the sensitivity of procedures to deal with the most important data and information circulating within the company or with external parties to customer supplier administrative and government agencies and the sensitivity of procedures to Workflow makes it intermittent or slow causing it to block or sometimes stop altogether. They must also be flexible as they are obliged to follow the flexibility of the business itself and sometimes change their methods and procedures to increase deployment Profitability or other business management goals.

The application and activation of a business administration program goes through several stages each of which requires some necessary skills to ensure successful accreditation for such programs.

implementation phase

At this stage the product or process is modified to follow or apply the method that management of the company deems appropriate to carry out the work and the method used by management can also be changed to be more suitable for the use of information management techniques.

Success at this stage is the most important thing that management must follow in order to provide the right environment to benefit from information technology.

The setup process is usually done by a system setup specialist and the author of this article recommends that the company developing the business management software used should be responsible for this stage or proxy depending on the specific system. For example Microsoft doesn't set it But choosing an authorized partner or business partner to do so is critical. Most importantly the person responsible for the setup must demonstrate a genuine relationship with a software developer and practical experience in business process engineering.

In addition it is necessary to ensure that there is a genuine collaboration between those responsible for planning the business management system and decision makers at all levels of the company with active flexibility on both sides to achieve the most important goals that support decision making. Save time and effort; for example you should work with your CFO to determine the content and format of your financial statements. The sales manager needs to work with the sales manager to enforce the company's pricing policy and discount limits.

According to the authors of this article the biggest obstacle at this stage for companies operating in our Arab region is the lack of real awareness - at the middle and high levels - that changes are needed in order to provide the right environment. Use enterprise management The inflexibility of the relationship between software and programs and their developers on the other hand the people responsible for it. This challenge is mainly due to the novelty of these technologies and the reluctance to change to an integrated academic program The introduction of information technology into corporate governance only started a few years ago which means that most positions in middle or senior management do not give them the opportunity to study these facts. Technology except for those who decide to do it themselves.This makes many Viewing these technologies without question reduces their ability to make the right decisions to make the most of them.

Initial data entry stage

This phase usually works in tandem with the preparation phase and is considered one of the phases of the preparation phase by many business management software developers.

This stage includes entering all the data the company needs to use the business management software basically and perhaps the most important for a trading company is data on inventory items and records of customers and suppliers.

Unless absolutely necessary we recommend that you do not use second-party outsourcing or hire temporary staff to perform this phase as the experience that regular employees gain during this phase will be positively reflected in their familiarity with the application. use and will provide them Have experience helping them with their day-to-day work in the field. future applications.

This of course entails giving these employees the skills they need to do their jobs effectively. These skills are firstly that they have acquired the skills to use office applications effectively as mentioned before and then they are professionally trained in the business management software they will be using The use is usually carried out by the software developers themselves or on their behalf. It is very important not to underestimate the importance of such training or to rely on transferring experience from one employee to another when performing work without taking a real training session.

daily work stage

This phase includes data entry report extraction and decision-making - at all levels - with the support of business management software in so-called lines of business. This phase—the longest and most comprehensive in the enterprise management software life cycle—requires all users Software should be clear about its responsibilities and obligations. Therefore you are professionally trained to use the software for all users. It is very important not to underestimate the importance of such training or to rely on transfer of experience from one employee to another during training. Implementing the work without going through a real training session and involving employees first in the data entry phase. Time will help them during the day-to-day work phase as they are already exposed to using the software.

It is also important to have some advanced operational aspects for power users or advanced users as they have the ability to help others in an emergency and they are better able to contact technical support specialists and software developers to resolve any issues or roadblocks that may arise How the software is implemented.

Seasonal and emergency measures

Seasonal actions are actions that are rarely taken such as closing a fiscal year or taking stock counts. As for emergency measures they are sometimes taken in response to an emergency or in response to changes in the business environment. For example a company needs to design a new Reports focus on the outcome of running a business or contingency factors or the accounting impact of changing multiple documents such as when a hardware failure requires a backup to be restored.

  • Seasonal and contingent operations have two advantages when they are placed in a context different from that of day-to-day business.

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First these programs are relatively few they are not daily or weekly programs so it is inappropriate for the average user to perform their day-to-day tasks with limited experiential vision and focus. They have monotonous repetition and have a specific function.

Second many of these software have a mix of business management software and technical software which puts them above the level of the average user. For example designing a report for a specific company requires that the person designing the report knows how to enter every piece of information To a specific software - information related to setup implementation and day-to-day work - it also needs to understand how that information is stored in databases and how to extract information from those repositories to understand databases and data structures or in short Good knowledge of SQL for storing and extracting databases of data and information with hands-on experience installing database schema databases for use with company-approved business management software.

  • Unfortunately, these are the rarest skills associated with the use of business management software because it requires business management and technical knowledge.

The authors of this paper believe that the best way to ensure these skills is to incorporate the development of certain skills in employees classified as professional users so that they are able to perform or at least assist in the performance of these or some skills. in these procedures. At the same time, establish a relationship with enterprise management software developers or representatives to provide assistance or oversight. Take these actions or do them generally. But there is a need to make a serious effort to try to localize these experiences or some of them within the company, as this will positively reflect the maximization of the use of these plans and create internal support that can provide an environment to ensure the success of the implementation of the plans. These programs downplay the challenges of barriers and barriers.


Using information technology to run a business has become an inescapable reality for any company today that wants to be more competitive. Therefore, if policy makers want to join the new world of using these technologies in everyday detail, they must take seriously the development of their human resource skills using these technologies. at this moment.

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