SEMrush - The best SEO tool for websites


SEMrush - The best SEO tool for websites 

SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video ad research. By providing insights into your competitors' strategies, you can tweak your own campaigns to outperform them in search engine results pages (SERPs). The platform also provides a set of tools to manage your website optimization, including a site audit tool, keyword research database, traffic analysis module, and more.

SEMrush - The best SEO tool for websites

SEMrush is one of the most popular digital marketing tools available today. It is used by companies of all sizes to improve their visibility online and their rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEMrush provides a comprehensive set of tools that help companies research their keywords, track their rankings, and analyze their competition. Additionally, SEMrush can be used to create and manage paid advertising campaigns on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

SEMrush review - the best SEOtoolthat we will discuss in detail in the next few lines because it is one of the best tools to help you reach the top of the search engines ,because it is one of the effective SEO tools for better keyword detection, let's deal with all aspects the details of the tool.

What is SEMrush?

This tool is the best SEO tool because it analyzes all the data and information on the web, it very accurately displays all the details of the research conducted by the researcher on the search engine and determines the ranking of the search results.

It helps determine where results appear in search engines and the criteria by which some results are better than others, so it can determine the best results available in your area or industry.

This can help you to get the best results professionally, and even know what results are included in your competitors domain, thus supporting you in the first place in the search results very professionally by using this support tool in your website.

This tool is mostly used by SEO professionals, so it is also useful for people who specialize in writing content, whether they work in it directly or indirectly.

Writing the words in the content is important, but it is not enough because many factors must be considered to help SEMrush rank high in the search engine results, be it from Google or any other reputable engine.

So with the huge advancements in technology and digitization, it is difficult to take into account all the criteria and search requirements that your audience needs, so this tool is the best SEO tool that will save you a lot of time and support in this regard.

What are the uses of SEMrush?

There are many uses in this great tool that can benefit you, as it is the best search engine optimization tool and one of the manifestations of technology and technological developments that support your website in a high ranking in the search results, and its most important uses are:

  • It helps to discover the best unique strategies through which to properly market your competitors with other sites.
  • These strategies that the tool follows help in analyzing the keywords that are very important to your business.
  • It sheds light on competitors' advertising strategies and highlights the results they produce and the results they use the most.
  • The tool places keywords in so-called organic searches.
  • It enables you to create backlinks or backlinks to place on your pages or other powerful websites.
  • SEMrush is the best SEO tool that can help you improve your website and provide a lot of information.
  • You can follow all the results you can get on your website and see what you are asking for.
  • You will get some additional information, including everything related to your traffic data.
  • Here you can fully track your visitors' interaction with your website and analyze all the details about your competitors.
  • This unique tool can help you understand global databases.
  • Keep track of all the ups and downs of different search engines through which you can learn about all the new stuff.
  • Work on shaping your brand, presenting it to visitors everywhere, and promoting it at the same time.
  • The ability to communicate across all different social media platforms.
  • You can access the skills to fully analyze any site you want to analyze, whether it's yours or a competitor's.
  • As well as any other site in other niches, SEMrush will comprehensively analyze it and provide you with complete data .

Is there a free version of SEMrush? 

If you want to get a free unpaid version then you can get it easily, there is also a free version of this tool, about which you should know some basics, including the following:

  • If you are a beginner and do not have enough money, you can use the free version of SEMRush.
  • You have a limited number of searches per day (10), but on the first paid plan, you'll be able to do 3,000 searches per day.
  • You will only be able to view the first 10 results in your free account.
  • The top 10 keywords can only be reached when analyzing the domain (a specific domain).
  • On the other hand, the paid account of the first plan gets 10,000 search results per day.
  • You can try a paid account for free for 7 days via this link. Watch the video below.

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Explanation of the most important SEMrush tools:

Simrush provides more than 40 SEO and digital marketing tools. These tools provide different reports, insights, and analysis based on each factor. When you sign up for a new account and sign in, you'll find the instructions in the left sidebar. In the video above, there are 7 sections, each of which includes a Search Engine Optimizer ( SEO ) Keyword Tool, Traffic Analysis, and Backlinks ( Backlinks ).

In addition to monitoring paid advertising campaigns, social media and more.

It should be noted that each tool includes detailed reports that complement each other, you can create reports for your own or your competitors website and monitor them, or you can download this data in a document or report and save it for use in backups.

In the following lines, we will explain in detail the most important Semrush tools . In fact, the site offers a lot of tools, so we have divided them according to the content on the site, in order, into the following sections:

  1. Competitive research tools for competitive research
  2. Keyword research tools for keyword research
  3. Link Building Tool for building links
  4. On-page SEO tools and technique for optimizing website pages and error detection
  5. Advertising Toolkit
  6. Content Marketing Tools Content Marketing
  7. Local SEO Tools for Local SEO
  8. Social media toolkit to strengthen social media management

1- Competitive research tools for competitive research

Seamrush provides various website analysis and competitor monitoring tools. With these tools, you can gather insights and data for your new site or company, learn how competitive your site area is and how it leads and competes on search engines.

Domain Overview tool

To access the tool, click SEO in the image, then click Domain Overview. This tool gives you an overview of your website, whether it's a competitor's site or your own, and provides real-time analysis and reports on everything. To get started, enter your domain name in the search box and click Search.

You'll find detailed graphs on site traffic, domain authority, monthly visit rate, organic (no search engines) or paid (ad campaigns), as well as keyword search reports by country and site backlinks.

It also provides a ranking report for the pages of this site in the SERP search engine results , which includes the most important keywords for which this site is competing, the most famous competitors, and the advertising campaigns carried out by this site, not only this, but the tools also provide information about a detailed report on the types of links The background performed by the site is the most important indexing of pages on search engines and landing pages.

Remember that you can click on any blue number or word (link) to be directed to a more detailed report, for example you can click on the number under the word "Organic Search Traffic" to be directed to the "Organic Search" tool where you will find a lot of details About all keywords and their rankings for each country of the site, the search engine that displays the results, the monthly search rate for each word, the difficulty of the word competition, the control of the days to be analyzed, and the ability to download and save this data.

Traffic Analytics tool

The tool provides you with an analysis of this site's visits and the performance of its pages on search engines, as well as the ability to place 3 competitors and compare them. for a period of time enough or interact with it).

It is also possible to calculate the average visit duration, the increase or decrease, the source of the visit, and its percentage, such as direct visits, search engine visits, social media or advertising campaigns with an analysis of the geographical area and countries visited, and the visitor's journey (traffic trip ) appears What visitors saw before and after visiting this site.

You can control the filters, change the days or regions to analyze, and choose the type of device ( computer or mobile ).

Organic Research tool

It's an organic or unpaid research tool for SEMrush 's top tools to understand and increase your website's SEO stats, as well as read and analyze competitors and understand how your website is performing in search engines. To access the tool, go to SEO Dashboard , then Domain Analytics , then Organic Research .

  • This tool provides you with important data such as:
  • Top keywords for website competition and traffic.
  • Select countries to analyze and understand the probability of target words for each country.
  • The most important pages are ranked in the SERP search engine results.
  • Changes in the leaderboard, down or up?
  • Key organic competitors and competitive volumes.
  • The most important subdomains in search engines (top subdomains).
  • Displays the cost-per-click (CPC) per keyword (cost-per-click), which is the average price a visitor would pay to click on an ad for that keyword.

Keyword gap tool

It is a tool that analyzes the keywords of your website or that of your competitors and compares you to the top 4 competitors in your website area. The missing person (you do not rank in the search engines), but all your competitors are on top.

The site also breaks down word rank, monthly search volume per word, price per click, and difficulty of competition for you as usual. Consider this tool a treasure trove for site owners and content creators. You can easily get the keywords of interest and create content for them. Of course, choose the ones that are easy to compete with first. To get to the top of the list faster.

SEMrush Market Explorer review

This tool helps you research the market and determine the size of the competition by entering one or more domains (up to 20) of the main competitors in your industry, then analyzing each company's market share and researching what attracts visitors. Methodology The tool also provides details regarding who are the largest equity holders, called the "Major Players".

To access the tool, go to the Trends tab, then Market Explorer, create a competitor list, type in your industry, and click Generate and Analyze to reveal:

  • The market perception analysis table for the past six months shows the most important competitors with the potential to gain the largest share.
  • The biggest competitors are popular, they are mature in the market, and their competition is tough but not impossible.
  • The fastest growing sites compared to the rest.
  • A new or start-up site that is slowly growing.

On the Demographics tab, it shows you the demographics for that market, and segments the market by age, gender, SNS preferences, and audience interests.

In the Benchmarks tab , you can select 5 websites to compare and measure market traffic and find out your social media preferences (social media platforms most visited by your market audience).

2- Keyword research tool to search for keywords

This section at Semerch Tools specializes in keyword analysis to improve your site's SEO and target search results by selecting the most relevant keywords, understanding CPC and competition difficulty, and recommending synonyms for maximum benefit.

keyword overview tool

The tool provides a keyword overview and accurate reports based on target countries. The tool also allows you to choose targeting by device (computer or mobile), you can analyze multiple keywords at the same time (up to 100 words), and it should be noted that Seamrush has the largest database of website analytics and SEO tools with 20 billion primary keyword and over 14 million synonyms.

To get started with the tool, click Keyword Overview in the Keyword Research section, enter the keyword you want to analyze, then select the country, and a detailed report will be provided:

  • Top synonyms for that keyword that people are searching for.
  • Monthly search volume in the last year.
  • CPC (the average price per click on an ad for that term).
  • Total search volume (all countries).
  • It provides the most important questions that people type into the search engine, along with the words related to that search.
  • Analyze the top 100 search results for this term in the Google search engine (domain authority - number of backlinks - ranking - keywords - search rate).
  • The power of competition on this word.
  • Trend, which is the rate of visitor interest in the term over the past 12 months.

If you watch the video shown below, you will find that on the one hand, you will get a lot of information about that keyword and you can also improve the quality of the content by adding content and modifying the suggested keywords that appear to you, such as also answering researcher questions asked in your topic, which gives you an average The highest search engine impression rate.

Explanation of the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool

Get a deep analysis of the keywords on your website with this tool, it gives you a lot of suggestions, thousands or even millions from a huge database, to go to this tool, click on the keyword magic in the keyword research section tool.

This tool is very important for website owners and marketers to target maximum keyword synonyms in your content and also understand what people are searching for in search engines to cover every aspect of your content, making your website easier to show up in search Motors.

The tool also gives you full control over filtering words, such as sorting words by:

  • The highest CPC.
  • monthly search rate.
  • Difficulty competing.
  • The number of results in Google.
  • Add words or exclude words from the analysis
  • Show questions only.

Also, when you look at the tabulated results, you'll also find, as usual, most of the great Seamrush tools , which provide a wordlist with important metrics that are sure to work for you, such as CPC, Competition, Monthly Search Volume, Competitive Difficulty, and Google SERP results .

Explanation of SEMrush keyword manager

It is a tool that aggregates keywords from various Semarch tools for the keyword research section to save the most important words for your content to add to your own list for later use or upload. You have to first go to this tool by going to SEO , then keyword research, then keyword manager, then create a list and do a name.

When using keyword tools such as the Keyword Magic Tool, Organic Research, and Keyword Gap Tool, you will see a (+) sign appear next to each word. By clicking on it, you will be able to add it to the list you created.

You can make multiple lists, each list can contain up to 1000 words, and in this list you will find it arranged and show the total search volume and the strength of competition, you can export this list and save it on your superior device.

3- Check out the SEMrush link building tool

Building backlinks to your website is one of the most important SEO factors because search engines like Google infer the quality of your content because they have received backlinks in the form of text links on another website, but more importantly the quality of the backlink itself , must be interested in building backlinks from sites that are trusted by Google and have a high (trusted score) score.

It should be noted that the authority score is a reference score in this field, and it is a measure of the quality of this field by SEMrush , the higher the quality, the better, mainly depends on the number of backlinks , organic search traffic, and many other links. Factors.

Backlink Analytics tool

It is a tool that helps you analyze the number of backlinks to your competitors website and also understand your website backlinks. To access the tool, click Backlink Analysis in the menu on the left in the Link Building section .

The tool offers a large number of reports and is a treasure trove for website owners to start creating detailed reports on you and your competitors to build quality backlinks and increase your domain and authority for leading search engines. The most important reports are:

  • Find out the number of backlinks and their ranking based on the degree of authority and their type (Dofollow or Nofollow).
  • Knowing the forms of links (text-images).
  • Add up to 4 competitors, compare them and find out their backlinks.
  • Define the domains (referral domains) that link to these sites.
  • The most important pages for backlinks and the most visited countries for this domain.
  • Results can be filtered by AS, date, status (active or missing), country, and site type (shop - blog - site..etc).
  • Track the signal of the IP addresses.

This data is enough to develop a long-term plan for creating backlinks in an organized way that will help you move forward in the search engines. This rich data is sold by some people or who work on independent sites such as Fiver and Five by selling backlink job services to make a lot of profits . You can also perform domain website analytics, build lists and build links with clients.

Backlink audit tool

Simarsh Backlink Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the performance of your website's backlinks in search engines, and it is very important, you must pay attention to creating safe and high-quality links, rejecting and deleting malicious links, so as not to penalize your Google . website, so this tool analyzes all your backlinks and provides you information about necessary links to deny.

To enter the tool, go to Link Building from the left menu, then Backlinks Audit , then select the domain you analyzed earlier or enter a domain, then the site will check backlinks and then generate a detailed report as shown.

In the report you will find an analysis of:

  • The percentage of all links that are harmful external links to your site (total toxicity score).
  • Overview of backlinks (broken - missing - new).
  • Check out dangerous backlinks that can lead to Google penalizing and exporting to disavow them.
  • The report includes metrics for all links, such as title, authority, and anchor text.

Link Building Tool

A great tool to help you develop a strategy for building quality backlinks to your website pages. This tool helps you discover the best opportunities for creating high-quality backlinks professionally, and helps you easily communicate with website owners through the tool to request that your website link be placed with them.

To access the tool, click on "Link Build Tools" in the "Building Link" section. It also helps you discover new links by writing targeted keywords, a tool that will give you the best chance of building backlinks to beat your competition.

Bulk Backlink Analysis tool

A simple and great tool that helps you quickly and completely analyze backlinks from a specific site and compare up to 200 sites at once, then gives you an overview of each domain. Build in SEO tab .

Backlink gap tool

Find the best backlink building site compared to your competitors in the industry by comparing you with your 4 competitor domains and picking the best sites referring to your competitors that have high quality authority and no backlink sites so they are great for narrowing down the competition and building high quality links.

To access the tool, go to SEO , then Competitive Research, and click Backlink Gap . It should be noted that the tool allows you to filter the results based on the least (poor), that is, domains that refer to your site less frequently than the competition, and can choose a request based on the most visited or authoritative and export this list if necessary.

SEMrush website tracking tool review

It's a tool on the Local SEO tab , and it's a great tool for seeing how page rank is constantly changing. This tool allows you to track the ranking of 500 to 5000 words per day according to your plan (see plan below),

To start tracking your word activity on Google Drive , go to the position tracking tool, select the item, then select the target country and enter the word you want to track. After the analysis is complete, you will see a report that says:

  • Estimated number of visits and average site ranking in search engines.
  • Rank keywords from top 3 to top 100.
  • Distribution of the most important categories and keywords that have been affected negatively or positively over a given time period.
  • Check competitors and track SERP results.
  • Find out which broken words are affected by site integrity and fix them.

Brand Monitoring Tool

This tool allows you to monitor your brand in the market and is useful for large business owners who track their online activity and customer reviews to stay informed when their reputation and brand are mentioned in forums and websites.

It is always useful if you want to build a great brand, keep in touch with all your customers and improve your image in the market, with this tool you will be able to see any bad reviews on your website and allow instant communication with improve your company image and understand the reasons for customer dissatisfaction .

Post tracking tool

A tool that helps you monitor not only the performance of your social posts, but also the posts of your competitors on social sites. To access the tool, publish tracking with content marketing and start writing your domain to start providing detailed reports on the performance of your posts.

4- On-page search engine optimization tools and technology to improve website pages and find errors

Focusing on the performance of your internal pages is one of the most important factors in SEO, which is why in the On Page SEO and SEO Technology section of SEMrush you will find all the important tools to improve your website rankings.

Site Audit tool

One of the most important tools that help you check the performance of your website pages, it can do 20,000 to 100,000 times (depending on the plan) scraping your website pages from these offers to see the errors in them, this tool shows you the validity of the number of sites and the number of errors and warnings and alerts.

Errors are the number of serious issues with your site's pages that you must fix to improve the health of your site, such as deleted pages, pages not found in the sitemap, and broken links. Warning, these are moderate issues that need to be fixed, such as redirects, missing alt text on images, etc.

On-Page SEO Checker

Pages SEO Checker is a great tool to get improvements and ideas for your website to increase your traffic rate. This video explains how to get ideas for your website and increase traffic by 1000%. For example, the tool selects pages from your website and offers your ideas, such as putting in some keywords or getting back to work. Link to this page on certain sites to increase your visibility in Google and thus traffic on your website, multiply or tell you to fix some bugs to increase your visibility.

5- PPC Advertising Toolkit to improve your advertising campaigns

The Campaign Research Tool is a set of tools that provides you with reports on the ads your competitors are running, the terms they target in Google, the number of those paid searches, and the total cost of those visits, but also provides you with a report on which many ratings are provided, such as your competitor advertisers.

This tool is great for understanding your competitors' positioning strategies and what words they want to drive. To access the tool, click Advertising Research on the Market Analysis tab.

PLA Research tool

Google Ads Analytics tool to discover product listing ads on Google Shopping . The tool shows you e-commerce stats, finds prominent advertisers among your competitors on Google Shopping , determines how many keywords you subscribe to and which competitor sites, and gets data on promoted product and its price.

PPC Keyword Tool

Great tool to collect the keywords that you already created in the list mentioned in the video above, it allows you to generate a bunch of words in simple steps, get new keywords with the help of Simrush tool , can filter out the words Sex that is not related to your website and get the right keywords Based on CPC and difficulty level.

  • Export terms in .csv or .xls format compatible with AdWords ads.

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6- Content Marketing Tools Content Marketing

SEMrush provides tools for content marketing professionals, especially SEO experts in this section, and these tools are:

Topic Research tool

With this tool, you will be able to discover not only the content ideas for your website to create competitive content, but also the FAQ that people are searching for on Google, all you have to do is enter the keyword you want to create an article for, the tool will provide Many new and relevant synonyms for data and ideas association.

اداة SEO Content Template

The most important tool that you should use before writing the content for your website, as this tool will generate a premium report for the top 10 results in the Google search engine and provide the most important keywords that you should use in your articles, in addition to suggestions that you should rank according to the number of words covered by your article .

It also gives you a hint about the title, a proper description, what to follow and what to give up, and the most important feature is to suggest backlinks to make this article rank faster in search engines.

Seamarsh SEO Writing Tool Content Writing Assistant

Smart writing assistant to help you write and improve your articles by providing effective SEO keywords for your article. It also gives you metrics to measure the quality of your written content as well as readability and originality. Is it copied from another site or your original content

The tool is compatible with Google Docs ( see video below ) and can also be used as a plugin for WordPress , or you can write the same article on SEMrush .

Content Audit tool

It is a tool for analyzing your content and discovering the best performing pages in search engines, but the tool must be linked to Google Search Console through Google Analytics to show you content audit and performance analysis.

7- Local SEO Tools for Local SEO

Symrush 's original SEO tools provide a variety of important tools such as:

List Management tool

This tool helps you improve your local marketing and build your web projects in one place, as it provides more than 70 directories worldwide and helps you to add and manage your business in these directories, add your company information, increase brand awareness in maps and applications, and track customer reviews in one place One.

List Manager is a powerful way to add your company information and increase brand awareness in Maps and Apps. It can help you control your business listings across multiple platforms, including Google, Apple, and Bing. With Manage List, you can add or update business information, photos, business hours, and more quickly and easily. You can also use List Management to monitor the performance of your list and track customer interactions.

8- Social media toolkit to strengthen social media management

Useful tools to enhance your communication with a larger audience on social media because it contains tools, the most important of which are:

  1. Social Media Poster
  2. Social Media Tracker
  3. Social Media Analytics
  4. Social Media Ads

The first tool helps you to submit your posts on social media like Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin , Instagram , etc., but you need to link your profile to the widget in the opening image so that you can track and rate your posts.

Social Media Tracker allows you to analyze your competitor's social media ad campaigns, the performance of those posts, and track competitive activity on popular social networking sites.

Ease of use and customer service:

  • In the end, one of the most important features that you can understand when using this tool is that it is very easy to use.
  • But it may take some time to get used to the interface of the tool, although it is not very difficult.
  • Since this tool has many internal functions and tools, many settings may confuse you.
  • But SEMrush solves this problem by showing you the inner steps of each tool you want to use.
  • So you can simply access all the content you want without facing issues.
  • You can customize the look of the interface to suit you so that you can move between tools more flexibly.
  • As for customer service, this is one of the main advantages of this tool over any other.
  • It has earned a reputation largely through its excellent customer service.
  • It provides a comprehensive knowledge base that shows all the queries that you may want to reach.
  • As well as the e-mail communication service, which greatly supports the beneficiaries of the service.
  • Not only that, but the company that owns the tool also holds regular workshops to introduce any new features.
  • Or permanently fix any recurring problems that customers face and find solutions for them.

Don't forget to browse this ( link ) to get a free 7-day account, analyze your site and those of your competitors, and create a winning content plan.

The pros and cons of SEMrush

Of course, while this unique tool has many advantages and is considered to be the best SEO tool , it also has some drawbacks or drawbacks. While reviewing this tool, you can find the following drawbacks:

Relatively high cost If you want to have all the comprehensive features and tools that the tool provides, the cost is not simple, but it is relatively expensive, in this case, we always recommend that you choose middle or low category to buy. SEMrush tools to get you the best tools you need and treatment costs within your budget.

SEMrush price plan comparison

  1. As for their pricing plans, the monthly Pro subscription to use this tool starts at $119.95.
  2. Guru monthly subscriptions start at $229.95.
  3. As for the cost of the monthly subscription to Business, it starts at $449.95.
  4. You can get a refund and cancel your subscription within 14 days of your subscription date.

Frequently asked questions about SEMrush

What is SEMrush?

It is a set of multi-purpose smart AI tools for internet marketing that is of great help in SEO and increase the visibility of your website or brand on the internet.

What does SEMrush offer? 

Based on a huge database of 20 billion keywords, Symrush provides comprehensive information about your website and competitor websites, analyzes and provides comprehensive keyword reports to improve your website's performance in search engines, and provides insights from synonyms and queries to search engines.

How much does SEMrush cost?

Simrush's first basic plan costs $119.95 per month in the Pro version, and if you pay annually, that drops to $99.95 per month, which means you'll save 17%, and you can sign up for that free subscription for a week.

Does SEMrush offer a refund policy?

Yes, you will get a 7 day money back guarantee on all rate plans, to do so please contact them via this link and your money will be refunded within 7 working days.

  • Video Tutorial by SEMrush: A comprehensive SEMrush review with detailed instructions on how to create an account and use SEMrush tools
  • In this video, you will learn how to create a paid SEMrush account for free and enjoy 7 days Guru plan for free:

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Finally, we would like to thank the shabakatalarbah blog that gave us the set of information and explained the tool in detail.

Please read and review SEMrush, the best SEO tool, it is one of the best experience that can help you to improve your website among other competitor websites and get professionally all the tools and setup, but you must be experienced with what Enough to use each of her tools as best as I can give her.

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