Business ideas and projects: 55 profitable ideas without quitting your job

 Business ideas and projects: 55 profitable ideas without quitting your job

Many seek to have another financial income and start their own projects that allow them to make decisions completely independently and be a primary or additional source of income outside their current job. In light of the competitive and diverse labor market, choosing profitable project ideas and implementing them using appropriate professional platforms such as: Fives, Independent and Profit Network, the largest self-employment platform in the Arabian Peninsula, becomes the most important step for your project to succeed and grow. In this article, we have compiled 55 business ideas for those on a small to medium budget that you can implement without leaving your current job.

Business ideas and projects: 55 profitable ideas without quitting your job

Online project ideas

Adapting to rapid change is one of the most important things that can help in growth, with the digital transformation that we are witnessing in our current era and spending long hours in front of the screen. Of course, there are those who took advantage of the opportunities presented by this transformation. Innovative entrepreneurial ideas were successfully found, such as profitable business projects. through the Internet that meet the needs of the market and achieve increasing financial returns. What are the most important project ideas that you can benefit from?

1. Create an online store

The future of commerce is moving towards e-commerce with great potential for success. Some stores have sold millions of products to consumers from all over the world, such as: Amazon and Alibaba. The list of products you can sell online includes a wide variety of categories covering just about anything.

To create a successful online store, choose products that have a competitive edge, then create a professional store, define your target audience, and use your marketing efforts to convert that audience into actual customers. The products you can sell on your online store vary and cover a wide range of industries, including:

  • Photographic and video equipment.
  • Books and magazines.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • jewelry and ornaments.
  • Electronics and accessories.
  • exercise tool.
  • Personal care items.
  • desktop tools.
  • household appliance.
  • specialized products.

For more product ideas, ask around for their recommended  ecommerce products .

2. Intermediary site service

Playing the role of mediator between service providers and those who wish to obtain services is an opportunity to create successful projects, especially in markets that lack this role. The idea of ​​the brokerage is to create a platform that is a meeting place between service providers looking for clients and buyers struggling to get clients.

For example, you might consider creating innovative solutions such as a website or mobile app as a meeting place for both parties. One of the most successful models in this genre; Uber, the company that brings riders and drivers together. start working on such services; Research the needs of the market and you will find many ideas suitable for this project. For example, you could act as a mediator between:

  • Realtors and buyers.
  • Taxi driver and passengers.
  • Buyers and sellers of used products.
  • Hotels and travelers.
  • Health care representatives and patients.
  • Restaurants and those who want to buy ready meals.

3. Selling software solutions

Considering the high use of computers in our lives by individuals and companies, there is a constant need for software solutions to help us in our life and work, which makes the software market one of the promising markets that are eager for more software. For example:

  • Financial and inventory management software.
  • Software as a Service SAAS eg: Oracle.
  • Network tools such as: Dropbox.
  • Templates for website owners, eg: content management templates.
  • In addition to browsers, for example via Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • Adding programs to users through open source programs.
  • Mobile applications that solve specific problems.

4. Provide customer service system

One of the biggest challenges companies face is providing good customer service, i.e. responding to customer inquiries quickly and appropriately through various means of communication such as social networking sites, phone calls, emails and WhatsApp, although customer questions are often typical what is the price of a product and so on? What are its specifications? How do I buy products? However, this takes a lot of time and effort, which not many companies can do on their own.

Therefore, these companies turn to other companies specialized in providing customer service systems. Start working on this type of project; Create a project that provides an integrated or partial customer service system, with representatives working to respond to customers with correct information, which helps the project owner in the accumulation of customer messages waiting for a response.

5. Convenient travel service

If you live in one of the main cities that are travel destinations for many people such as: Riyadh, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait, etc., you have the opportunity to provide travel facilitation services to people who want to travel for tourism, treatment, education or purpose of Hajj and Umrah. The idea is simply to create a website that will provide them with the information they are looking for when traveling and add a package of paid travel services that will help them plan their trip effortlessly.

6. Home kitchen

Many office workers want to eat useful and healthy home food, especially fast food, which is high in calories and does not comply with nutrition laws, but they do not have time to prepare breakfast and lunch themselves every day. So, the idea of ​​creating a project that provides fans with homemade food is successful and profitable, and the demand for it is growing.

Make a deal with the housewife to create your own business to cook and prepare family meals where your role is to sell and promote those meals online. Consider offering innovative, low-calorie foods or foods that consumers love in your city.

7. Educational courses or books

Distance education and training courses offer an opportunity to use the Internet to generate steady profits for teachers and enable them to reach a wider range of learners. You no longer need to go to a learning center to conduct training sessions in front of a limited number of students within your geographic location. Create educational content that you want to share with others who are passionate about it.

This does not mean that you have to have deep scientific or academic content, what is important is that it is personal and expresses an experience that you want to share with others or gain knowledge from your experience. A course or book can take various forms, such as an eBook (PDF), a book on Amazon Kindle, or a series of educational videos on a topic.

The advantage of teaching online is that it becomes a passive income generator for you, as you can create your own content and then sell it multiple times as an educational product without any extra effort. Since continuous learning is sought after by many, the teaching extends to many different subjects in almost all fields.

8. Selling through well-known stores

If you want to enter the world  of e-commerce  but do not have enough time or energy to create an online store and market your products through advertising campaigns on social platforms. In this case, a ready-made, high-traffic e-commerce platform is the right technology solution for you. All you have to do is buy small quantities of the products you want to trade and then sell them for a commission through different sites, including:

  • E-commerce such as: Amazon and Souq.
  • Auction eg: eBay.
  • Selling used products such as: OLX.

9. Create a personal blog

Because of the simplicity of the idea, some may think that it is unprofitable, but the opposite is true. Starting a blog and making money takes a lot of effort and can generate huge profits over time. Follow the steps below to start creating your project:

If you are knowledgeable enough, you can create a blog on WordPress yourself, or use a WordPress developer to perform this task and configure your blog properly.

  • Write posts in your favorite niche and get them to appear at the top of search results.
  • Once your blog is attracting traffic due to its visibility in the search results, choose the business model that suits you best from the following options:
  • Selling some products on commission.
  • Advertising space for rent.
  • Sell ​​your services or products.
  • Write paid reviews.
  • After your blog becomes famous in its field and you become an influential blogger in your field, the next opportunity that appears for you is to promote the products of other companies, big and small, on your blog in exchange for paying you accordingly. Reader: The Power of a Likeable, Trusted Influencer.
  • Note: While creating your business, you may need professionals to help you create your website or create ad videos, among other creation tasks. You can easily achieve this by using Fiverr business and marketing services to get access to professionals who will help you build a successful business.

10. Sell innovative products

An innovative product that solves a specific problem or provides assistance is a welcome business opportunity and a guaranteed profit. Choose a unique product and sell it on social media. You can think of gadgets that help moms with parenting, housework, personal care items, or unique gadgets for drivers, students, travelers, engineers, doctors, or tech users. Alternatively, you can search supermarkets and online for innovative products that you can buy and resell to consumers in your city.

11. Build a website for your city

Similar to national websites that publish general news and useful information, cities need similar websites for local news and expat experiences in order to become sources of information sought by residents and expats alike.

You can start your own small business with only two people: one builds a website and promotes it on the Internet, and the other follows the city's news and keeps updating the content of the site. This type of site attracts a large number of people interested in keeping up with the news of their city and attracts commercial activities such as restaurants, cafes, and others who want to advertise on the site.

12. Affiliate marketing without inventory

As the name suggests, this type of automated inventoryless marketing does not require a warehouse to store a large number of products, and there may be a risk of unsellable inventory. In order to launch the project smoothly, you need to rent an inconspicuous store and start with a small amount of money.

13. Manage social media accounts

Today, startups and large corporations alike need to have a strong social media presence such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. From a small restaurant selling pastries to a large multi-office brand, a Social Account Manager is needed.

You can start your own profitable project by presenting offers to local companies around you, or you can communicate with them online to manage their social accounts. This option will allow you to work from home or work overtime alongside your current job without having a lot of prior experience.

14. Sell T-shirts

T-shirts are no longer just an outfit that young people wear to work in the morning or to the club, but rather a personal or business identity for many work teams and companies. This explains the huge sales of t-shirts on platforms like Merch Amazon and Teespring.

Create a program that exclusively designs and sells T-shirts on media platforms or contracts directly with community events, non-profits, and corporations. To this end, he designs custom printed T-shirts to express the corporate image and also offers innovative designs that appeal to the individual.

15. Intermediate digital services

Brokerages do well if they target the right customer base. The idea of ​​the mediator is based on acting as a link between buyers and sellers, for example: In a world where digital services are provided via the Internet, there are many individuals and companies who need to create websites, produce videos, graphic design services or writing and translation, etc. To that, but they don't have enough time to manage these projects with a freelance translator.

Here you can play the role of an intermediary, charge the agreed fee with the customer, allowing you to understand and absorb the business needs well, and then add a project on the freelance platform, for example, follow up on the implementation of the work until it is required Receipt of the freelancers. Communication between you and your employer is important. Professionally so that all required conditions and details are clarified in advance. Another form of mediation is the mediation form in industries such as travel, real estate, electronics, education, etc.

16. Sell microservices or freelancers

There is a growing number of freelancers online, some of whom choose to rely on freelancing as their main source of income, while others choose to use it as an additional source of income outside of their current job. So if you have experience in doing business online, start your own business and sell your services through the Fiverr website, or implement projects on an independent site for the benefit of others, choose one of the areas of work that you see fit through the Internet application, for example:

Business ideas for beginners that do not require large investments

17. Home renovation work

If you are good at home repairs, such as: sanitary ware repair, hardware, and carpentry, then use your skills to serve others. These services are essential in any home, no matter what country you are from. Tell your friends, neighbors and shopkeepers about your service and assign a quick contact in case you need it, then start your project in your area, if you need repair expertise, ask for help from a professional team. A team of experts provides comprehensive repair service.

18. Sewing clothes

Even now, handmade clothes are popular, although there are many ready-made clothing stores. Their interest is not limited to those who want to hand-tailor their clothes, there are many people who need them to make some alterations or repairs to the design, buttons, etc. of the clothes. This project is one that is particularly popular with women. It is only necessary to purchase a sewing machine and then provide sewing services to acquaintances and closed circles.

19. Home stylist

Many women prefer to go to a home grooming professional rather than a beauty salon, whether for the love of simplicity, cost savings, or privacy. So if you are good at cosmetology, buy basic makeup tools, and offer your services to friends and family, expect your business to expand further with the number of clients and reputation among women.

20. Photography

If you are a photography enthusiast with real professional photo taking skills, start your photography project with a professional camera and a computer that includes photo editing software. Then sell your photos on online photo selling sites such as Shutter Stock and iStock, or in international and local news papers, or offer product photography services to business owners who want to post photos of their products and highlight the beauty of their designs.

Another popular area of ​​photography is the photo session, which is required for many parties and events of all kinds. As your business grows, bring new people onto projects and provide imaging services to a wider range of clients.

21. Rent out part of your home

Intermediate rental platforms such as: Airbnb or Olx have created a new type of real estate project, that is, online rental, which allows owners of vacant apartments or rooms to find tenants and make a profit by renting out the property.

If you have one or more spare rooms in your home, rent them out for extra income. Rent through the intermediary sites that we mentioned, or directly to the customer, whether he is a tourist, student or expatriate. If you own a home in a prime location, one of the most profitable ideas is to rent part of the home to a business that is owned by someone else.

22. Mobile restaurant

Opening a restaurant no longer necessarily requires renting a place, furnishing it with expensive furniture, and so on. With the popularization of the concept of a mobile restaurant, it has become easy to open a restaurant, move easily from one place to another, buy a pickup truck and equip it with the necessary equipment to cook hot meals. Make sure that the tools you use and the ingredients of the food you sell meet the health standards, and if you do not have enough experience in cooking, seek the help of a professional chef who can prepare delicious food that people love.

23. Buy a franchise

Purchasing a franchise allows the use of the intellectual property of an existing brand and the sale and distribution of its products in a defined geographical area under the supervision and direction of the franchisor. As a result, this approach becomes a less effortless option than building a brand from scratch. You can choose from over 75 different categories to rank companies suitable for becoming a franchisee, and if you're successful in this type of program, start working on building your brand.

24. Car Decoration Desk

The project provides customers with the luxury that many are looking for and are willing to pay high prices for, on par with the value of a modern aesthetic that particularly appeals to young people. Create your own car trim project and offer to customize your car's exterior or interior, as well as install parts and accessories for your car.

Providing car decoration services in preparation for various events and weddings can also achieve good sales, and it is also a service that many young people who are about to get married are looking for.

25. Printed accessories

Many companies are interested in displaying their brand identity on a variety of products including mugs, pens, notebooks, bags and jackets. Prepare a project to provide them with the parts they want to print their commercial logo on, and if you do not have a special laboratory to print them, coordinate with a specialized laboratory to meet the customer's request.

  • graphic design.
  • video industry.
  • Programming and web development.
  • Writing and translation.
  • business services.
  • Voiceover.
  • Service project idea

26- Enterprise management services

Various business owners of small and medium-sized businesses need someone to help them with the tasks of running their business, such as: reviewing financial reports and developing a business plan tailored to the company's needs. Therefore, if you have experience in a branch of business administration that can provide services for some or all of the project, please consider providing the following services:

  • financial services.
  • legal services.
  • Create an action plan.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Feasibility study.
  • business services.

27. Translation services

Translators act as mediators between people who speak different languages, and many groups accept professional translations for languages ​​they don't speak. Those looking to purchase these services include: university students, business owners, content producers, and tourists, providing a great job opportunity for translators, either online or through a partnership with a locally accredited translation bureau. English is the most requested language in the field of translation, followed by other languages ​​such as: German, Chinese, Turkish and French.

28- Organizing meetings

According to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper, conference tourism is flourishing, as many countries host a large number of conferences in various scientific and non-scientific fields every year, and spend more than 30 million riyals annually. This places high demands on meeting the organization's projects that require specialized knowledge to manage. Create a custom meeting and event prep project to help run meetings successfully and professionally. You can specialize in specific areas such as:

  • Medical conference.
  • business meeting.
  • Technical meeting.
  • Scientific conference.
  • engineering meeting.
  • Student meeting.
  • private meeting.

29. Interior design

Many companies, such as: restaurants and companies, are interested in innovative design elements for decoration and furniture. If you are good at decorating design, you can provide design services on your own, provide design and implementation services together, or design ready-made models and submit them to contractors. Some of the most popular seasonal decorations are Ramadan, Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha decorations, so keep these in mind.

30. Laundry service

The idea is innovative that saves energy and time for many of the building's residents, as it is based on placing containers in the building's yard so that residents can put their clothes inside, and your role is to collect the clothes, wash them, iron them, and return them within 24 hours. The idea is easier for customers than regular trips to the laundromat to hand-deliver their clothes, and the payment process takes place electronically based on barcode technology and electronic payments without human intervention.

31. International shipping service and customs clearance

Given that many business owners and retail companies in the Arab world rely on importing various products from China and other countries to sell them in Arab countries, there is a need to facilitate the process of shipping and delivering products. This is the idea that inspired a project based on providing international freight forwarding, local freight and customs clearance services to help merchants obtain products hassle-free.

32- Small transportation services

Some areas of commercial districts and important cities require small transportation services, for example, the government department provides golf carts in the city of Mukalla in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, to eliminate the scarcity of transportation services. Therefore, short-distance transportation services are provided within a narrow framework in places with poor transportation.

33. Hotel hosting services

Companies, restaurants and hotels are in constant need of suppliers to provide the cleaning and care services required most of the day, every day. You can offer fast turnaround hotel care and cleaning services that are performed to recognized quality standards. For example, it is not necessary to create an advertising campaign to market your project, but the most important thing is to communicate directly with business owners and introduce them to your project. Cleaning services can take many forms, such as:

  • Housekeeping.
  • Clean utensils.
  • Cleaning the facades of towers and hotels.
  • Eliminate pests.

34. Childcare or babysitting services

Kindergartens are crowded with young children of different ages. Parents are looking for a safe place to take care of their children and keep them safe when they are busy with work or other reasons, but many parents prefer to hire a babysitter at home and resort to nurseries. This creates a need for this function, which must be provided with the appropriate level of care and attention that the child needs, according to the child's age.

35. Digital Marketing Agency

Work is now turning to digital marketing instead of traditional marketing, which makes it an indispensable necessity for all types of commercial activities, and the job of a professional digital marketer has become one of the required jobs in this day and age.

If you have marketing skills, are aware of digital marketing methods, create your own digital marketing projects, and find targeted clients from companies and businesses, you can consider offering the following marketing services:

  • Website marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Paid ads.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Advertising design and product photography.
  • video industry.

36. Editorial services

If you are an established editor or have language editing knowledge and skills, the opportunity is right to create editorial projects from home or rent a small office without significant operating expenses. Then, based on the experience, time, and effort you will put into the project, specialize in one or more types of editing for the client, such as:

  • Linguistic proofreading and proofreading services.
  • Rewriting ancient manuscripts.
  • Drafting scientific papers.
  • Guest writing for magazines and newspapers.
  • Business writing.
  • Write content for the site.

37- Real estate broker (broker)

Real estate brokerage is one of the most popular industries throughout the year, as real estate brokerage companies in high-end areas enjoy high incomes due to the high real estate prices. Real estate brokerage includes not only homes, but also other types of real estate such as land, shops, and commercial projects.

38. The Gardener

Gardens and orchards in public and upscale areas require constant care and attention to their beauty. Get Started Hire more than one landscaper for their landscaping every day to keep it looking great.

Successful business idea

39. Selling electronic accessories

The current technological revolution is having a wide impact on people of all ages all over the world. Everyone now uses various electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and computers for entertainment, education, transactions, and work, which has led to the growth of the electronic accessories market. Establishing a store to sell innovative electronic accessories and mobile phone accessories that will attract young people who do not have huge startup capital.

40. Selling women's accessories

Products targeting women are generally very popular due to the higher purchasing power of women. Women's accessories, in particular, provide the opportunity to create many ideas suitable for constantly updated fashion trends. If you want to start this project; Sell ​​stylish and unique accessories that attract women to buy even with high prices, by hand or buy from suppliers and sell in your store.

41. Selling used or new books

Did you know that e-commerce giant Amazon started as a bookstore? In the Arab book market, there is a Jamalon store that specializes in selling books online, and is one of the successful models for bookstores. Reading attracts people of all ages to a wide variety of books on every subject, which is why the book market is so hot. If you want to start your own bookselling project, make an agreement with a number of distributors to buy books at a low price and then sell them online, which can save a lot of costs for opening a physical store.

42. Fast food restaurant

Food ventures in particular are known for having a high chance of success and expansion because people don't think of food as an innate need. The employee who wants a quick breakfast before work in the morning, the college student who spends most of his time in college, and the rest of the community are frequent customers of fast food restaurants.

Rent a place close to the target crowd, such as: universities, commercial areas, and markets, and be sure to provide delicious food that does not take much time to prepare, such as: cheese sandwiches, French fries, or burgers, and at the same time serving fresh food in a short time capacity On food delivery to nearby locations.

43- Hardware Store (Creative Tools)

Hardware does not mean cheap products with low margins, but innovative products that increase sales. Both urban and rural residents, young and old, need convenience stores, so convenience stores are one of the largest products in the mass market segment. Create a hardware store and display products in an attractive way to help customers browse and buy more than one product easily.

44. Trade in animals and ornamental plants

The price of a falcon in Saudi Arabia reaches half a million riyals! Falcons are not pet birds, but this large number reflects the high purchasing power of animal and bird lovers, especially the spread of the hobby of keeping pets such as fish and plants, and watching birds such as birds. If you don't have much experience in this field, you can open a shop that specializes in one or two animals and plants at most, and gradually accumulate market experience.

Low cost project ideas

45. Bicycle repair

Many people enjoy cycling, taking short bike trips to perform certain tasks or to pursue it as a hobby, and many cities host bike races. Rent a shop with plenty of space to store old and used bikes, then repair them to reuse them and provide the following services through your project:

  • Bike rental for bike racing organizers.
  • Rental and sale of bicycles to individuals.
  • Bicycle repair and maintenance services.
  • Selling cycling tools and equipment to athletes.

46. ​​Rooftop farming

Agricultural technology has advanced so much that vegetables and fruits can be grown on rooftops without soil. This type of project does not require large investments, as all the equipment required is the purchase of seeds and the development of open spaces that were neglected in agriculture, with constant attention to plants. Convince homeowners to grow plants on their roofs, let you plant and care for them, and share the proceeds with them. The idea is simple and good for the environment as it provides clean air to cities suffering from air pollution.

47. 3D printing

The emergence of 3D printing technology has been widely reported in the media and has many uses in different industries as it reduces the energy, time and labor costs required to produce the final product. 3D printing has many applications in the industrial and medical fields.

The most popular products produced by this 3D printer are; Prototypes or display models and actual products such as: prosthetics, handicrafts and special tools. It is expected that the use of this technology will increase in the near future, which represents a golden opportunity for you to grab it before the competition heats up.

48. Culture Café

The concept of a coffee shop conjures up images of crowds and loud voices, but a new type of coffee shop has begun to take off: the cultural coffee shop. Book lovers and intellectuals prefer to go to cultural cafes because of the quiet atmosphere and the atmosphere suitable for reading and reading. Establishing a cultural café that provides calm and comfort to visitors, offering drinks and snacks, and adding a large number of books in various fields.

49. Shipping Container House

Relying on the durability and strength of the shipping container and its ability to protect the product from various weather factors such as rain, sun and wind, homes in many countries have the necessary housing requirements. The idea is still unknown in the Arab world, but it offers a job opportunity to build a project designed specifically for this type of house, providing the economic solution that many are looking for, especially when real estate prices are high. I salute this idea in your country and offer a practical solution to building a container house with an average price of $300 per container, aimed at simple but not extravagant home lovers.

50. Private counseling and training

The job of a consultant is no longer limited to the life span of working in a managerial position, at least for more than 50 years, but everyone who has gained experience and success in a particular field can share their knowledge with others. Provide advice online or through a training provider in your area of ​​expertise, such as:

  • Family counseling.
  • Emerging project consulting.
  • Professional advice.
  • Training advice.
  • foreign language science.
  • International certificates such as: SAT, IELTS, and ACT.

      51. Garage rental service

        Vibrant cities are always short of affordable and close parking spaces, especially in lively and crowded places. Take advantage of it, buy land in a vibrant city and build a multi-storey garage for hundreds of cars in an innovative style. This type of project is increasing profits every day without the need for large operating expenses.

            52. The idea of ​​artificial intelligence

              Artificial intelligence has given rise to revolutionary inventions like robots, Google Lenses, and some really cool mobile apps. Take advantage of this and create a new service or application that provides a new solution to a new problem that arises in your business unit, and then start marketing your innovation to your target audience.

                  53. Domestic shipping services

                  Individuals and businesses alike frequently need to move luggage in and out of town, creating a need for flexible shipping solutions for both small and large items. Carry out such activity of your own by establishing a shipping company that deals with shipping issues that exist in many Arab countries related to non-compliance with deadlines or failure of the shipping process and provides small and medium shipping services or shipments of furniture and equipment.

                  54. Open gymnasium

                  Fitness in our minds is always associated with indoor sports clubs (gymnasiums), which often lack good ventilation and rely on traditional weightlifting equipment. On the other hand, young people have new sports inclinations, such as new sports such as parkour or fitness, which depend mainly on open spaces, and the fun of sports is greater. Create open gyms, spread this culture in your city, and encourage young people to play sports.

                  55. Blog about travel

                  There are many successful Arab YouTubers who specialize in content and personal experiences around travel and tourism. What if you get into this field, but through a blog, where you can post text articles as well as videos and tips through your blog?

                  What's the next thought? Tell us in the comments if you have an innovative project idea that you would like to start, or talk to us about any barriers in front of you before implementing it?

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